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Why a War-Focused Workshop?

Next Tuesday, I begin leading another writing workshop, this sponsored by Words After War, and on the campus of Canisius College. It is open to the general public, and there are still spots available. You should sign up, if you are a veteran or not.

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Finally, A Nail

There is a military solution in Kurdistan. This is more than Foley-retribution wishful thinking. It's real. But should we exercise it?

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Writing at Chautauqua

Despite (or because of?) its flaws, Chautauqua is the kind of place that has successfully resisted the cynicism and irony that has come to define our current iteration of modern culture.

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Workshopping in the Woods

There are worse places to write than the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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Running on Country Roads

These days I run less than I did when I wrote 'The Long Walk,' but lately the weekly mileage has gone up, as my wife and I train for a half-marathon in the fall.

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How I Resolved to Stop Buying From Amazon, and What I Discovered After

I have a guilty secret, and it is implied in the above headline.

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