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Cascade and Porter

Two years ago (as I reposted last week) I began hiking the Adirondack 46 with my sons. The trick is to keep them interested in this occasional quest.

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Sweater Teeth and Mountain Peaks

Still gone, escaped to the Adirondacks. This year we're trying Cascade and Porter, maybe Tabletop if we want another day of peak-bagging.

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Outsourcing the Forest

Writing magazine stories is a great excuse to call complete strangers and ask them questions that social norms would otherwise deem prying.

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Books You Must Read: Armageddon in Retrospect

The stories in “Armageddon in Retrospect” aren’t really stories about war but rather about the times that come after, the examination of what victory and defeat look like. In other words, they are stories about now.

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An Empire’s Luxury

Choice. This is the defining characteristic of wars fought by hegemons with oceans for a moat.

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More Opera Updates

New York and I are frenemies. The home of the greatest concentration of artistic talents in the history of the world constantly smells like hot trash.

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